We feel that our practice has the most wonderful patients and we hope you feel the same about us! If you are happy with your experiences here at Saddle Rock Dental, we ask that you please spread the word! We appreciate you!

See what others have had to say about their experiences with Saddle Rock Dental.

“Saddle Rock Dental is great. I’ve had one dentist my entire life, never had braces, and I get compliments on my smile all the time. I’ve had a few cavities, but the dentists and technicians always do a great job of fixing me up.”

– Scott S.



“A close friend of mine recommended Saddle Rock Dental because he’d gone there his whole entire life without problems. I walked in and Dr. Holyoak fixed my teeth and I was out in 25 minutes. Better yet, he apologized for the guy down the street and fixed it for free. I’m still in disbelief. This kind of service doesn’t exist anymore. Not only did he help me, my tooth looks even better and after two weeks it’s still perfect. Can’t recommend this office enough. They just want to help you, Period.”

– Dave J.

“I have been with Saddle Rock Dental for several years and have always enjoyed my visits. I am seen on time, the staff is friendly, both dentists are very gentle and great.”

– Denise P.



“I’ve been going to this office for years now. They’ve always been extremely honest and very good at what they do. My wife and kids go here as well. Great office.”

– BJ W.

“This office is awesome. I had a small dental emergency last week (filling fell off). I called around to several offices close by and everyone was either closed or closing. I called this office and Dr. Holyoak waited after hours for me to show up. It didn’t take very long and my tooth looked great afterwards. I still can’t believe no one else was willing to stay late and help. This was the first dentist I could find that actually seemed to care more about my personal situation than trying to make money. Thanks again doc!”

– Michelle T.



“I went to this office as a new patient last week and had excellent service. The receptionist was super friendly and I barely had time to finish my paperwork before they were ready for me! They took x-Rays and did a very thorough cleaning. The whole staff was very friendly. When I called back the following day to provide some insurance information they knew who I was without me even saying my name!”

– Marty K.